Peak Bloom 2018 by Mark Andre

Its been an extra long peak bloom this year. With over a week of the blooms sticking around I was able to make it to the tidal basin 6 times. I came away with some of my favorite cherry blossom photos. The most interesting part was the varied weather. From amazing sunny sunrises to the cloudy days, we got a little bit of everything. 

The First Morning by Mark Andre

The first chance I'm getting to make it down to the Cherry Blossoms and the sunrise was gorgeous. I was expecting a really mediocre morning, but mother nature didn't disappoint.

I'll be back down tomorrow morning so stay tuned!


Winter Sunrise by Mark Andre

It's just on the cusp of spring. Quiet mornings around the National Mall are my favorite time of day. It's just you and the Ducks watching every moment of color change in the sky. 

First Rolls of Black and White Film by Mark Andre

A couple of months ago, I picked up some Ilford HP5 400 film to try out in my recently acquired Minolta x700. I was a little hesitant to shoot it because I assumed I would come across something that I would really want on color film. But the depths of winter arrived and with the muted, brown colors, I decided to load up and shoot a few rolls. These are the first two sets of scans I've gotten back from the Darkroom Lab. Needless to say I'm hooked. 

I'm not convinced on the grain yet, but the quality of the tones has me. Its really true that the film has more life to it. It feels more tactile.  More three-dimensional. I'm not saying that I'm dumping the 5D mk III and the infrared camera to go full film, but I've got the bug, and I have to keep playing.

I haven't begun to get into doing landscape photography on film. I need a new filter adapter ring and a few new filters to make that happen, but for these more candid, street-style shots, there's just something that digital has lost. The tack-sharp lenses on my canon rarely miss, but missing the focus just slightly long draws me into the photos. It makes me want to look around the edges, deeper into the puddle. Or find that person casting the shadow. 

It may not be the most practical thing to carry a film camera, especially since spring is on the horizon and the infrared will be back in the bag shortly, but I can't put it away. I just want to keep shooting.