Capitol Sunrises by Mark Andre

There have been a couple of pretty great sunrises over the past few weekends. Both times I’ve gone out I found my way to the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

This image came from a very cold morning following the Polar Vortex that plunged across the US. The reflecting pool was completely frozen over.

Almost Busted Sunrise by Mark Andre

With a couple days off between the holidays, its prime time for some winter sunrises in DC. This morning was predicted to be a 85% chance of a good sunrise the night before, but I was a little dismayed to wake up and find crystal clear skies.

Luckily, some high, wispy clouds rolled in just before the sun broke the horizon. A few of the ducks even decided to brave the government shutdown and spend some time floating in front of the camera. This morning is another one of those times that reminds me, getting out of bed, despite the forecast, is worth the cold, rain, or snow to see what show mother nature can provide.

Thanksgiving Sunrise by Mark Andre

There are those precious few moments when you can get completely lost in the moment. Sunrise has always been that time for me. With all the haze drifting from the west coast and the perfect low clouds, Mother Nature put on a show. The low clouds meant that the sunrise was brief. For just a few moments sun exploded underneath the clouds while the waters of the reflecting pool stayed pristinely still.

Venturing into Medium Format by Mark Andre

A few of you may have been following my journey into film since acquiring a Minolta X-700. I have been having fun with it, but never quite got the image quality out of it I wanted. I began the search for another Camera and settled on jumping into medium format film and the Bronica ETRS system.

I haven’t fully kitted out the system yet, but so far, so good! The depth and image quality are definitely closer to what I’m looking for from analog photography. The image below come from my first few rolls varying between Kodaks Portra and Ektar film stocks.

Art at the Hirshhorn on Ektar 100

The Moon and the Sky, Ektar 100

East Wing of the National Gallery, Portra 400

Sun Falling on an Empty Fountain, Ektar 100