Getting Outside for Sunrise by Mark Andre

Most people might call me crazy for getting up at 5:00am on a Saturday. But getting up and outside early in the morning is near and dear to my heart. When the air is crisp and fresh, it makes walking around so much more rewarding. 

In DC, the National Mall is the best place to do this. One never fights tourists. It's just you, Lincon, Jefferson, and the early morning runners. 

When you're lucky enough to catch a Saturday morning before a mass of clouds begin to move into the area, the sunrises can be beautiful. 

The memorials are even more special without the crowds that later in the day brings and you can truly appreciate them. 

This weekend looked to be about the last chance I'll have to get some fall colors. There was still lots of red around the tidal basin and I only ran into two runners. There's so much that's nice about being able to share the act of making a photo in a social setting. All the amazing people I've met in the area make it fun, but sometimes, being out on your own and being able to just stand and take in the scenery is amazing. 

A Weekend in Southern California by Mark Andre

Having not spent much time in California, any time I get there is precious. I spent a weekend in Santa Barbara and Solvang, enjoying staying on the beach. The Los Padres National Forest was also quite beautiful. 

INSIDE//OUT: The Capitol Dome by Mark Andre

Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to tour the Capitol Dome. Taking the trip up to the top and seeing the panoramic views of Washington, DC from its heart is simply amazing. Scroll all the way down for the 360 image from the top. 

As you work your way up from the Crypt, you navigate a series of Members-only staircases and passageways. 

The gap between the masonry wall of the original dome and the extents of the newer, extended dome.

Midway up the dome you get a full sense of the 180-foot height of the dome and rotunda.

The iron double structure is a sight to be seen. A sunny day makes it all the more special.

Standing at the top. The Apotheosis of George Washington takes on a new life when seen up close. 

Moving up to the tip top reveals all of the coffers from behind. 

Stepping out onto the final and highest platform provides views of all the genius of the L'Enfant Plan for the city. 

The panoramic views from west to south. The Mall, Union Station, the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and South Capitol Stree towards Nats Stadium.